ZooChats are a creative solution for teachers that are short on time. Shorter in duration and more focused in scope than a ZooMobile presentation, ZooChats include a visit from one or two Animal Ambassadors, biofacts and high-quality nature interpretation. We can customize a ZooChat to most classroom topics.

ZooChats are a great way to introduce a life science topic, spark interest in a research or language arts project, or reward your students for a job well done.

Why you’ll love a ZooChat :

· Focused educational content provided by a professional zoo educator
· Live Animal Ambassadors bring out the natural inquiry skills in each child
· Tactile learning opportunities are introduced through the use of biofacts, such as skeletons or pelts
· Wide variety of topics and custom presentations available

Popular theme* choices include:
Zoo Careers
Choosing Appropriate Pets
Slithery, Scaly, Snakes
Birds of Prey
Animal Armor
All About Amphibians
Marvelous Marsupials
Tortoise Talk
Endangered Species 101
*All themes are adaptable to grades K-12.

The Facts

Duration: 20-30 minutes
Maximum participation: 35 students
Available: September-April
Program Fee: $50 for the first presentation $30 for each additional, consecutive presentation. Travel fees apply for all locations outside of Greater Lafayette.

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