CPZ Behind-the-Scenes Tour


Available to family groups, community groups, clubs and other organizations, a CPZ Behind-the-Scenes Tour provides a unique and unforgettable in-depth experience. We’ll share information on the Zoo’s history and future expansion plans, fun facts about the animals in our care, and lead your group on a guided tour of up to three exhibit areas. Sneak peeks into keeper-only areas and bonus experiences are included at least once per tour.

Focus: CPZ “insider information” and experiences, behind-the-scenes access
For: Family groups, community groups, clubs , etc composed mostly of adults
Ages: 8 years and up
Supervisory requirements: at least 1 adult per every 2 children
Participation Limits: Minimum: 5, Maximum: 15
Duration: approximately 60-90 minutes
Available: Year-round during normal zoo operating hours (some areas may not be available in all seasons)
Fee: $100 base fee. Additional components: $25 each. After hours groups may be subject to additional fees. .


·Zoo Overview Chat (10-15 minutes)
·Choose 3 components from the following (~20 minutes per component):
      - Ambassador Encounters (3 animals in classroom)
      - *Education Center tour (includes Animal Ambassador holding area)  
      - *Historic Animal House tour
      -  Americas Area tour (includes exterior areas and *inside Galapagos Tortoise, as available)
      - *Australia area tour (includes interior of Americas/Australia holding building)   
      - Family Farm tour (includes free brush rental or feeding opportunity)

(* Indicates areas that take participants in non-public access areas. Steps, narrow/uneven pathways or trip hazards may be present, please discuss mobility challenges prior to reservation)