Historic Home Repairs

Below are some DIY repairs that homeowners can do to their historic homes as well as resources dealing with other common repairs on historic homes.
Historic Window Repair & Restoration
Perhaps the greatest looming preservation battle is to stem the wholesale removal and loss of historic windows with new, so-called "energy efficient" windows. Below are some resources that can be used in the restoration on historic wood windows.
Historic Wood Flooring Restoration
Plaster Repair
Historically, plaster was the typical coating for interior walls until the 1930s-1940s.  Plaster has several advantages over drywall:
  1. Plaster is much harder than drywall. This makes for a far more durable wall surface. This is vital if you have kids that think your house is a indoor race track. Drywall's lifespan can be measured in decades, or less if it gets wet. Plaster's lifespan can be measured in centuries.
  2. Plaster is more fire resistant than drywall.
  3. Because plaster is a bit thicker, more solid, and has more mass, plaster is also a somewhat better sound barrier.
This National Park Service technical brief can provide more information on the repair of historic plaster walls and ceilings.

Ceramic Tile Repair & Restoration