Brown Street

Brown Street Sewer

This new sewer is required under the approved CSO Long Term Control Plan to store and convey wet weather flows to the Pearl River Lift Station. The Brown Street Sewer is located on the northwest side of Lafayette approximately 1,000 feet north of Main Street. It extends from a point just south of the intersection of Erie Street and Union Street and continues southwest along Erie Street, then northwesterly to a point near the intersection of Brown Street and 13th Street, then along Brown Street to a point just west of the intersection of Brown Street and 3rd Street.

The Brown Street Sewer includes approximately 4,230 linear feet of 72 inch diameter gravity sewer, approximately 390 linear feet of 84 inch gravity sewer, and approximately 25 linear feet of 96 inch gravity sewer. This construction includes new green infrastructure, namely the PaveDrain® system, which has recently been installed along either side of the street. This new system will help reduce the potential for surcharging and flooding due to water on the roads, while also helping to protect and improve our river and streams. Additionally, a new backflow preventer has been installed at the existing CSO 002 outfall structure to prevent backflow from the Wabash River entering the City’s sewer collection system. The sewer also includes modifications to the existing CSO 002 headwall structure to accommodate the backflow preventer.

See the PaveDrain® system being tested here!