Report Problems

  1. Asphalt & Concrete Repair

    The Lafayette Street Department purchases asphalt to produce hot mix asphalt for routine road maintenance.

  2. Graffiti Removal

    Graffiti is detrimental to property values, adversely affects quality of life and community attractiveness, and discredits the City's reputation for livability.

  3. Guard Rail Repair & Replacement

    The Lafayette Street Department maintains and repairs publicly owned guard rails within the City.

  4. Right of Way Mowing

    During our summer season, the Lafayette Street Department has mowing crews that mow designated areas, park strips, lots, etc., that are considered public rights of way.

  5. Snow Removal

    Whenever there is a danger of icy or snowy conditions on the roadways of the city, the Street Department will monitor conditions and respond accordingly.

  6. Street Light Outages

    Request that a street light be repaired.