Business & Development

  1. Area Plan Commission

    Tippecanoe County - Area Plan Commission

  2. Bid Opportunities

    View open bids for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  3. Building Forms & Applications

    Peruse the listing of forms, applications, and informational documents that are important to current and prospective businesses in the city.

  4. Current Projects

    See what projects are being undertaken by the Engineering Department.

  5. Economic Development Department

    At the heart of Lafayette's business-focused activity is the Economic Development Department, which oversees various programs and opportunities to help businesses thrive.

  6. Greater Lafayette Commerce

  7. Projects & News

    Read press releases and informational updates on current projects in the city, as well as relevant economic reports.

  8. Tax Abatement

    The purpose of tax abatement is to encourage the development of jobs or to promote other community objectives, such as affordable housing, which might not otherwise take place.

  9. Historic Preservation