Special Units

The Lafayette Police Department prides itself in being a "full service" police agency. That means that the residents of Lafayette can be assured that, regardless of the situation, highly trained and equipped officers are available to maintain peace and safety.  Many officers work in what are called "Special Units." It is important to remember that being assigned to a special unit is not a full time job. All members of Special Units perform basic police duties (like patrol, investigations and traffic enforcement) as their full time job, responding to the special occasion or situation only when needed. These officers have all received advanced training in their specialized area. 
  1. Bike Patrol

    The presence of many more visitors in the downtown area, especially during the evening hours, as well as the addition of many more downtown residences over the past several years, was a major consideration in the creation of this unit.

  2. Civil Disturbance Unit

    The objective of the Civil Disturbance Unit is to function as a cohesive unit and adapt to constantly evolving situations within disturbances by using minimal or no force to resolve the issue.

  3. Crime Scene Investigation

    The Crime Scene Investigators have many specialized tools available to them that aid in the collection of evidence from a crime scene.

  4. Crisis Intervention Team

    The Crisis Intervention Team assists citizens with mental illness by de-escalating the situation and then obtaining appropriate medical treatment rather than arresting and incarcerating them for these behaviors.

  5. Field Training Officers Program

    The purpose of the Field Training and Evaluation Program is to train new officers so that each is prepared to function as a solo police officer at the conclusion of their training cycle.

  6. Honor Guard

    The Lafayette Police Department Honor Guard provides a formal representation of the Lafayette Police Department at funerals and public events.

  7. K-9 Unit

    The K9s are trained in narcotics detection and handler protection, as well as tracking, obedience, article searches, and area searches.

  8. Police Volunteers (VIPS)

    Volunteers in policing includes a dedication to solving community problems, reduction of crime, and preservation of laws, ordinances, and constitutional rights of all persons within our jurisdiction.

  9. SWAT

    The Lafayette Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) are trained and equipped to resolve complex and critical situations.

  10. Technology

    Read about the introduction of technology to the Police Department and where we are today when it comes to technology.