Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Cooking Operations Ventilation
The commercial kitchen ventilation system is an integrated system designed to capture and contain the heat, smoke and grease-laden vapors produced by cooking operations. A correctly designed and maintained ventilation system will provide a safe and effective means of evacuating cooking effluent.

The components of the cooking operations and ventilation system are:
  • The Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • The Duct (Type I grease duct, Type II)
  • The Exhaust fan
  • The Hood and extraction filters (may be Type I or Type II)
  • The Make-Up Air Unit
  • The Cooking Appliances
  1. Exhaust Fans & Make-Up Air

    An effective commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) system requires air balance.

  2. Fire Extinguishing Systems for Commercial Cooking

    This guideline has been prepared to assist those responsible for the design, installation, testing, and inspection of wet chemical fire extinguishing systems used to protect commercial cooking appliances.

  3. Grease Laden Vapors

    Learn about the Type I Grease Extraction Hood and grease ducts.

  4. Installation Acceptance Testing

    The system shall be pre-tested prior to final inspection to determine that the system is properly installed and functions in accordance with the approved plans and the manufacturer's installation and maintenance manual.

  5. Operations/Maintenance

    The extinguishing system shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.