Resources & Inspections

Codes & Standards
Effective 2014
  • Indiana Amendments - 2014
  • Indiana Amendments - 2014
  • Indiana Amendments - 2014
  • Indiana Amendments - 2014

  • International Building Code - 2012
  • International Fire Code - 2012
  • International Fuel Gas Code - 2012
  • International Mechanical Code - 2012
Contact the City Engineering Office to schedule inspections at 765-807-1050.

New Construction / Remodel Construction Inspections
  • When completely framed, permanent roof is on, wiring, plumbing and HVAC is roughed in, and nail plates are in place and before insulation and gypsum board or wall covering is installed
  • Draft stop/Fire block/Fire stop and penetrations
  • Fire-rated floors and walls
  • Exit and emergency light locations
  • Fire alarm device locations
  • Sprinkler coverage
  • Kitchen exhaust clearance to combustibles
Above Ceiling
All work to be done except drop pads.

System Finals
Each protection system will have to be inspected separately. Detection and initiation, notification, and auxiliary device functional tests (Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, other Fire Suppression) if applicable.

Building Final
When building is completely finished and all previous inspections have been successfully completed.

Pre-Inspection Check Sheets
Access the required Pre-Inspection Check Sheets (PDF)

All Fire Blocking and Fire-Stopping Systems are to be inspected prior to covering or enclosing. Have all fire-stop system "cut sheets" available on site.

System Specific Inspections and Tests
  • Fire Alarm System Final
  • Fire Pump Acceptance
  • Sprinkler System 2-Hour Hydro (Fire Department Must Witness)
  • Sprinkler System Final
Alternative Fire Suppression Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Automatic Fire Suppression System Acceptance Test
  • Computer/Data Center Clean Agent Automatic Fire Suppression System Acceptance Test
  • Paint Booth Automatic Fire Suppression System Acceptance Test
  • Co2 Automatic Fire Suppression System Acceptance Test
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System (Type I Hoods, Ducts and Fans)
  • Grease Duct Light Test (Fire Department Must Witness)
  • Grease Duct Zero-Clearance (Rated Shaft or Duct Wrap System) - Grease Duct Wrap Systems Require First Layer and 2nd Layer Inspections
  • Hood Air Balance (Fire Department Must Witness 3rd Party Test)
  • Kitchen Ventilation System Final