What happens during my first year of employment with the police department?

If you have no full time police experience and are not previously certified through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) you can expect to be in training for your entire first year of service.  

The LPD new hire training is extensive.  A typical schedule will require that new officer(s) complete 6 weeks of in house training.  The in-house training will consist of LPD Rules, Regulations and Policy instruction, Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Pre-Basic certification (Required by the ILEA), Defensive Tactics, Firearms Instruction & Qualification, City Ordinance instruction, City Orientation Instruction, Field Days among other areas of training and instruction.

The ILEA is currently 15 weeks in duration.  http://www.in.gov/ilea/2380.htm

Our Field Training instruction is also extensive and generally consists of “6 rotations”, which are about 1 month in duration.  You will complete field training with a different Field Training Officer (FTO) each month and you will also complete rotations with a Detective FTO and a Traffic Officer FTO.  

Once you have satisfactorily completed the training and are approved for solo patrol you will be released from the training program.

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