College Internship Program

For more than 20 years, the Lafayette Police Department (LPD) has sponsored internships for college students interested in law enforcement careers. Students from Purdue University, Ball State, Indiana State, Vincennes, and Ivy Tech have taken advantage of this program. We feel that this program has been beneficial not only for the students and their universities but also for the department, for the community, and for the law enforcement profession in general.

Student Benefits
Through programs such as this one, students gain the benefit of practical application on top of the theory they are taught in class. Other benefits to the students include learning the complexities and routine of specific jobs, gaining insight to themselves and the agency, gaining perspective on the world of work. For many of these students, this experience will not only solidify their interest in a law enforcement career in general, but also help them narrow down their general interest into the more specific kind of work they find interesting in the field. During the internship period each intern is assigned to Administrative Services, Patrol, Detectives, Records, and Radio in order to gain insight into the operations of these segments of the Police Department.

Department Benefits
The benefits to the Lafayette Police Department are as varied as the benefits to the students. The ability to observe and evaluate a student for possible job placement at a later date is 1 example. This aspect of the program has proven beneficial many times as former interns have applied at LPD at the conclusion of their education. Students routinely ask many questions. Someone asking "Why?" can be both challenging and educational. Such questions can sometimes cause an agency to re-evaluate policies or procedures with a positive result.

In order to be considered for an internship, a student must be enrolled in a criminal justice or similar type program at an accredited university. They must be sponsored through a university internship program or an individual professor and must be performing the internship for college credit. Openings are normally limited to not more than 2 interns per semester. Preference will be given to students enrolled at Indiana institutions and to students from the Lafayette area. For more information email or call Sergeant John Yestrebsky at 765-807-1480.