Apartment Safety

Fire Alarms
If the fire alarm sounds in your apartment building, remain calm and follow these steps:
  1. Walk to the front door of your apartment.
  2. Feel the door and doorknob with the back of your hand. If the door is hot to the touch, unlock the door, but do not open it.
  3. Call 911 to report what apartment number you are in.
  4. Go to the farthest window and open it. Wave a sheet or towel to attract attention and wait for Fire Department instructions.
  5. Your apartment unit will provide a safe refuge if the hallway door remains tightly closed to prevent smoke from entering.
Door Isn't Hot
If the door is not hot to touch:
  1. Place your foot against the bottom of the door and open carefully.
  2. If there is smoke in the corridor, follow the same procedure as if the door were hot.
  3. If the hallway is clear, remain in your apartment. Call 911 and report the alarm.
Fire in Unit
If there is a fire in your apartment unit:
  1. Leave your apartment.
  2. Close the door behind you and pull the manual fire alarm near the stairway door.
  3. Leave the building using the stairway. Do not use the elevators.
  4. Make sure the Fire Department has been called.
  5. Go to the front entry and wait for the Fire Department's arrival.
For small fires, fire extinguishers may be provided in the corridors. Know where fire extinguishers are located.

Note: It is important that the Fire Department be called by telephone (911) when an alarm sounds. The fire alarm system might not automatically notify the Fire Department.

If you must evacuate the building for any reason, do so by the stairway. Newer buildings have enclosures that are fire resistive and will provide a place of refuge. Do not use the elevators.

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For more information, call the Lafayette Fire Department at 765-807-1600.