Boards & Commissions

  1. Americans With Disabilities Act Committee

    The ADA Committee meets quarterly to discuss the advances and needs of the disabled within the City of Lafayette

  2. Animal Control Committee

    Get to know the Animal Control Committee and find out when the meet as well as take a look at agendas from meetings.

  3. Board of Works

    Find out how the Board of Public Works and Safety regulates traffic improvements, air pollution, and more.

  4. Board of Zoning Appeals Lafayette Division

    Take a look at the board members of the Board of Zoning and Appeals and find out when they meet.

  5. Civil Service Commission

    Get to know the Civil Service Commission that works closely with the Lafayette Police Department to make safety related decisions.

  6. Economic Development Commission

    The Economic Development Commission is charged with financing economic development or pollution control facilities and programs that promote the creation and retention of employment and business opportunities in the City of Lafayette.

  7. Hearing Authority

    Stay informed on the latest Hearing Authority meetings by view their agendas and minutes.

  8. Historic Preservation Commission

    Lafayette takes great pride in its historic homes, businesses and neighborhoods, and encourages the community to preserve these sites.

  9. Human Relations Commission

    The Commission's main objectives are to end prejudice, intolerance, bigotry, and discrimination in the City of Lafayette.

  10. Joint Purchasing Board

    Read through the agendas and minutes associated with the Lafayette Join Purchasing Board.

  11. Parking Commission

    Find out when and where Parking Commission meetings take place so that you can attend and stay informed.

  12. Redevelopment Authority

    The Redevelopment Authority serves as the governing body for land acquisitions and infrastructure project bonding and institutes the process to establish new economic development districts and tax increment financing districts.

  13. Redevelopment Commission

    The Redevelopment Commission is responsible for the rehabilitation of blighted lands within the City of Lafayette for a use that is in the best social and economic interest of the City and its residents.

  14. Storm Water Technical Advisory Committee

    Take a look at the presentations from previous meetings as well as minutes describing events.

  15. Tippecanoe Co. Local Environmental Finance Board

    Find out how this board is in charge of finding a solution to the landfill problem.

  16. Traffic Commission

    Take a look at the agenda, minutes and audio recordings from Traffic Commission meetings.

  17. Youth Council

    Explore this great program that helps young adults learn about their local government and get involved.