Americans With Disabilities Act Committee

The City of Lafayette's goal is to bring all City-owned facilities up to Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards so they can be used by all taxpayers and employees. The cost to bring all City-owned facilities into compliance immediately is prohibitive, therefore the City is identifying and selecting cost-effective projects that are immediately necessary and provide the most significant benefits to the community.

ADA Questions

Review or download the City of Lafayette ADA Notice (PDF). View City Hall ADA Accessible Parking Map 

For general questions or comments for the ADA Compliance Committee, please contact the ADA compliance coordinators by phone, email, the Action Center's online form, or stopping by Lafayette City Hall at 20 North 6th Street. 

Improving City Compliance

The City of Lafayette has determined that it needs to improve its level of compliance with the ADA. The ADA Compliance Committee is charged with evaluating the level of compliance across a wide range of City services.

ADA Documents

ADA Grievances

If you wish to file an ADA grievance, please contact the ADA Compliance Coordinators for the proper forms.

ADA Transition Compliance Status

To assess the current state of ADA compliance within the city, The City of Lafayette utilizes standardized checklists available from For most facilities, The City utilizes the ADA's Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal. Due to the specific needs of our swimming facilities, The City of Lafayette utilizes the Readily Achievable Barrier Removal checklist for Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, & Spas. To facilitate efficient viewing of the results, please view the findings of these checklists listed by site below, in PDF form.



 Surveyor: Jason Pierce, Facilities

ADA Facilities Survey Findings and Recommendations