Alexander Ross Master Plan

The Alexander Ross Regulated Drain watershed is located on the east side of Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. The approximately 1 square mile watershed drains from southwest to northeast and is tributary to the South Fork of Wildcat Creek. This Master Plan report specifically addresses the approximately 340-acre portion of the watershed located west of Interstate 65. 

History of the Watershed
In 1993, the Alexander Ross Regulated Drain watershed was beginning to experience heavy development pressure. However, there was no positive stormwater drainage outlet for this watershed. The Tippecanoe County Surveyor's Office and the Tippecanoe County Drainage Board hired Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC (CBBEL) to complete an overall stormwater drainage masterplan for this watershed. The resultant plan included a positive stormwater drainage outlet for the watershed and two regional stormwater detention ponds to be used by future development in the watershed. At this time, one of the originally planned regional stormwater detention ponds has been constructed, with the second pond partially constructed. The exact location and shape of the second pond, to be generally located immediately upstream of Interstate 65, was not determined as part of the overall stormwater drainage masterplan. 

Alexander Ross Regulated Drain Master Plan
This Master Plan report details the anticipated location and shape of the stormwater detention necessary upstream of Interstate 65 and replaces the originally planned second pond with a series of five regional stormwater detention ponds. Other sections of this report detail the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and wetland assessment completed, and summarize the various master plan elements. A set of preliminary design plans that include preliminary grading and details for various master plan elements are provided under separated cover as Appendix 3.